Mrs. J. Willard

Topics of Learning

*Ways that you can help

Math – Multiplication – continue working to memorize basic facts (flashcards are very helpful). Allow your child to show you what we are doing in class.

ELAReading comprehension – children should be “reacting” to their reading, just like we do a movie (thinking, “Wow, that was mean!” “They’re going to get caught.”  “I wouldn’t do that if I were them.”) This could also be modeled by you while watching a movie – “She’s suspicious of that fox because of what that fox did to her when she was little.”

 Science – Astronomy – point out the moon, stars, etc.  Allow your child to explain things we are doing and learning in class.  Their journal is a good place to look to see.

 Social Studies – Finishing Colonial Times and beginning Events Leading to the American Revolution. Our journals are our textbooks.  Look there to see what we are up to.