Note from the Principal

Note from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I feel extremely blessed to be the principal of your child. It is a stewardship I take very seriously. It is important that we give your child as positive school experience as possible. I believe in teaching the total child. We have a very special faculty at our school that cares deeply for children. The well-being for children’s academic, physical, emotional and social growth is paramount at Foster Park. I have been in education for forty-one years, and I can truthfully say I still love what I do with a passion.

In today’s world, we are trying to get children to be “thinkers” instead of just memorizers. The task of teaching all subjects today truly depends on teaching children the ability to read, comprehend, and analyze. Learning has become more inquiry-based with critical thinking and multi-step tasks. This is quite a change from the past. It is our challenge to prepare each child to be successful in the global world in which they live. Please help your child find a time and place to study and for reading. I encourage you to read with your child every day. Ask them questions about what they are reading, and have discussions about their day.

All teachers have created a “Communication Box” in their classrooms for students to share thoughts, questions, and concerns. The box can be used to ask a question about what they are learning, ask for extra help, report if someone is bothering them, or any other type of communication they would like to share with the teacher. If you have a young child, please feel free to help them write a note to put in the box.


Thank you for sharing your child with us. Happy Holidays!!!


William A. Sizemore